Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Don't mess with the pirate mug

Everyday after dropping off my son at school I visit a local coffeehouse named Cianfrani's.  Here everyone knows your name, you see the same faces day in and day out and you have the best cup of java a buck and a half can buy.  In addition they offer mugs straight off the warmer for customers to enjoy their coffee in.  On my first day at Cianfrani's I chose a nice black mug with a coffee cup dressed as a pirate on it...for some reason the pirate on the mug made me feel as if I was one step from hanging with Captain Jack Sparrow or Captain Morgan himself.  The pirate mug made me cool.  For weeks I would walk in the place and head straight to the pirate mug knowing it was mine...until today.  Today my mug was gone, confscated and as I searched around the room for it, I spotted in the hands of a man that could have been a pirate himself.  My pirate mug had been pirated.  I had to settle for a to go cup instead.  It would have been just wrong to use any other warm mug.