Wednesday, July 15, 2009


After a few weeks of much needed and anticipated vacation time I am back. My time away from Oh My Blog has been bittersweet. My days have been filled with wonderful memories and heartbreaking news. This reminds me that life is a balance of the good and bad and that both must be embraced equally. Sometimes important news whether good or bad is enough to remind us that life is a short journey that must be lived fully! As always I would love to read what you have to say.


Anel said...

Que pasa, muchacha?

Dani said...

i say, welcome back. i've missed seeing you on here!

suzy said...

Welcome back!
Your presence has been so missed.
I hope you had a lovely break and that your bad news is something that will in turn become better news.
Thinking of you.

Sandy H. said...

It's probably one of the toughest lessons to really accept. The bitter sweetness of life and it's imminent end. I'm still struggling with it myself- having experienced the end of someone's life that I long to have back with me everyday. It is a balance, as you say, to accept the bad- a loss; with the good- the end of another's suffering.

Welcome back. =o)