Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My First Award!

This morning while checking up on my favorite blogs I discovered that my friend Toni had given me my very first blog award. Toni is from Australia and is a fantastic soul. Her blog little suitcase is a little bit of sunshine everyday. Being a recipient of this award I was asked by Toni to write seven things about myself..so here goes.

1. I absolutely love to read!
2. I always have had a secret desire to be a singer.
3. When I was a kid my best friend and I loved to dress alike.
4. I dislike messes very much. As a result I am constantly rearranging things.
5. My new favorite color is Orange.
6. I love to collect bookmarks. My latest acquisition has cute little gnomes on it.
7. If I could I would sprinkle blue cheese on almost everything. I love blue cheese.

So there you are...some random, maybe a little bit silly things about me.

Now to tag 7 of my fellow bloggers.

1. Tracy from alotusgirl
2. Jessica from lavender and lilies
4. Dani from The Power of Two
5. Melissa from Operation Nice
6. Jesse from Good Girl Gone Glad

So there is my list, if the people above choose to play along, they will need to...
:: Post the logo of the blog love token
:: Thank and link to the person who passed it on to them
:: List seven things about themselves
:: Pass the token on to seven other bloggers (and leave comments on their blogs to let them know they have been loved).


suzy said...

What lovely things to say. Thank you so much!
We are so much alike. Reading, bookmarks, blue cheese, orange and messes...I can't stand messes. I think I have that Jack Nicolson disorder. :)

Jessica @ Lavender and Lilies said...

Thank you!

Ink Obsession Designs said...

Yay! Thanks for the award!!!

BTW, I haven't forgotten about you & the guest blog/giveaway. Time has just gotten away from me and it has just been a wee bit crazy! Would you still be interested? What if we did something early Sept?

Have a good day!