Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Carpe Diem

Life is short and most people don't realize the truth of this statement until it is too late.  We live our lives in such hectic manners that we literally never "stop and smell the roses".  Today I am posing a challenge to end this!  I am determined to live my life as best I can, being generous and compassionate to others while taking a little time to take care of me along the way.  Are you up to the challenge?  


Anonymous said...

Such a simple phrase yet so profound! Your words were quite inspiring and so true. Most of us spend our life on the fast track to the rat race. We are so tired that we don't even notice the beautiful flower we may have right before our eyes. We forget to take inspiration from life's simplest pleasures... a smiling face, a warm hug, a child's laughter and love, a sunny day!

Your thoughts reminded me of the Pixar movie UP that I saw over the weekend. The little old man is so focused on living out a dream/adventure that he and his wife had of visiting Paradise Lost that he failed to notice that the true adventure had been the day to day experiences/memories that he and his wife created. He realized this later in life and learned from it and actually put it to practice.

I will try to focus on enjoying the simple pleasures life has to offer. Each day that we live on this planet surrounded by our loved ones is truly a gift.

I choose to "seize the day" as I live out my adventure with my family and friends!

Olga Marie