Monday, June 1, 2009

Today is the Day

Please read the latest from Jeannie Ralston.  I urge everyone to open their hearts and read a great book for a fantastic cause!

Some people just have the right attitude--like the parents of Samantha Garcia. Samanta was born premature four years ago and developed cerebral palsy; her parents looked at this not as a tragedy but as an opportunity to do something meaningful. That's when they created Samantha's Purpose,  a non-profit that provides financial assistance to the parents of children with special needs who require therapy but are not eligible for governmental assistance. 

I'm proud to be donating funds from the Seed Campaign to Samantha's Purpose during the month of June. 
She and her parents prove that often you can't change what happens to you in life, but you can change how you look at what happens to you. This is a theme of my book, but to be honest I think Samantha's parents demonstrate it better than I ever did!

If you've got to buy things, why not make each dollar go farther and help someone else in the process? If you buy your Amazon products through my website,you can be doing good when so many people are in need (and donations are down for many non-profits.) On my home page, click on "Buy the Book," which will take you to Amazon.

Once you're at Amazon, either buy my book (smile! thanks!) or find another product to buy. Amazon will return a commission on any item purchased to the Seed Campaign. EASY!