Thursday, May 7, 2009

How Do You Go Green?

Like most people I am making an effort to Go Green.  I have made little changes in my everyday life to reflect my desire to keep the Earth a clean and wonderful place.  My first step was buying reusable grocery bags, next came the Earth friendly household cleaners and finally clean burning soy based candles.  Although these minor steps make me feel a little better about what I'm doing for the environment, they are making a major dent in my wallet.  Going green takes some serious GREEN!   This being said, I now pose a few questions to you all....How do you go green?  Is being environmentally aware costing you BIG BUCKS?  


Tracy said...

we do most of our shopping at Trader Joes and Costco..and I have noticed that Costco has jumped on the "green" bandwagon, making it much more afforable to shop green!
They have the dishsoap in huge bottles taht is envirnmentaly friendly as well as the laundry detergent...they carry soy candles in a big Cheap!! They also have reusable bags they sell as that is a start for sure. Plus they carry LOTS of organic items now too..Love it!! Check it out, you may be surprised at what you find~

Olga said...

At our house we recycle, use the new light bulbs, use the reusable supermarket bags, clean with environmentally safe products, turn off lights, and try not to waste water. In addition, I have started making reusable sandwich/snack bags. Getting ready to make reusable lunch sacks. These will be available for sale on my website:

If we ALL did some of these things, our world would be a better place for our children!

Jessica @ Lavender and Lilies said...

Hey. Thanks for the compliment. Your site is adorable. I think going green is actually cheaper, here is what we do: 1. we recycle, 2. I don't use paper towels, 3. we use cloth napkins, 4. we don't buy bottled water, 5. we turn the air conditioning/heat off in the milder months, 6. we use reusable shopping bags, 7. grow my own lettuce and herbs, 8. I carry a small reusable bag in my purse so I don't have to get small bags when I'm out shopping and I don't have my reusable grocery bags, 9. CFL Light bulbs, 10. I unplug all appliances that aren't being used and I love soy candles! Target has great ones and there is one that you don't even have to burn it just smells great on its own. Great site!

JelloBelly said...

I rehash everything. I make monthly trips to a place where I can donate or trade--or barter w/ ppl online. That is how I discovered my beloved vintage Pyrex. When you find stuff like that(sturdy AND beautiful), it will last generations and you can pass it down to your kids. Also, Home Depot has battery recycling. We take our batteries there. And to be honest, since our place is so small and there are 4 of us living here, we have adopted a mentality of "use up less and make it last longer". There is no room for clutter or unecessary "items". You would be surprised how creative one can get when you have to follow that motto. It also helps us avoid buying disposable items. For example, since I have limited room in my pantry, instead of buying a 12-pack of bottled water, I buy 4 personal water jugs and then we refill them as needed.