Friday, May 15, 2009

The Price of Being Nice

Happy Friday to all!  Hope the work week hasn't treated you too badly. May the weekend ahead find you with family and friends.  Today I am asking what does it cost someone to simply be nice? I read a blog daily called Operation Nice (if you scroll down you'll see it on the right side of my blog) which is totally dedicated to promoting niceness.  It gives me a fresh, daily perspective on what it means to be a nice person and the benefits one receives for being such.  How wonderful to read about niceness in a world full of so much hate and spite.  In my daily comings and goings I make a conscious effort to smile (even when I don't feel like it) and say maybe one or two nice words to someone.  By giving a compliment we can make someone's day while making our own at the same time.  The best part of nice is the is FREE!!  Imagine making someone's day for FREE!!! Now I challenge you nice, it won't cost you a thing.


Vivian Gil said...

Lydia, you're right with all the negativity in the world, being nice would be a nice change and the cost is free.It would truly be amazing if all people would try a kind gesture each day. This kind gesture or word could be the boost another person needs.

Ms. Latina said...

Lydia this is great advise. I didn't learn this till a few years back. I have to admit people have questioned my motives but I tend to find that those who aren't too nice are normally the ones that question my authencity. Sometimes it changes them and sometimes it doesn't but it definitely plants a seed. In the end, being nice and meaning it releases the hold that anger, bitterness and envy can place on US. I mean how can we move ahead mentally, physically and spiritually if we are carrying a suitcase or two full of hardness in our hearts! Thanks for the reminder and for your Twitter advise! Have a great one!