Thursday, May 14, 2009

When do you say goodbye for good?

People come in and out of our lives for many reasons.  Sometimes by personal choice and other times by no choice at all.  With the popularity of online social networking on the rise at an alarming pace, more and more people are getting back in touch with each other.  I for one find the Facebook phenomenon fascinating. I have reconnected with so many old friends and even with some who I thought I would never call "friend" again. With this on my mind, I now pose some questions. When do you say goodbye for good? What do you gain by opening up your life for the world to see?  Is it ok to let someone into your life that you once shut out?  Come on people..I need answers.


JelloBelly said...

You can reconnect with people from your past on Facebook all you want, but it means nothing if you don't follow-up with a person face-to-face or at least talk to them over the telephone. You can't call yourself someone's "friend" if you're never there to share all the important moments in each others' lives. I also find it interesting that people are very quick to say "hey let's get together--it will be just like old times" but when the time comes to do so, they back out over and over again. That said, I am not against letting old people back into your life, but putting too much info about yourself out there for the world to see is dangerous. Like everything else, moderation is key. I hope my humble opinion is helpful.

LMG said...

You are very right. Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

Ms. Latina said...

I think that we should always open ourselves to others when they try to come back in; however, I do think that we have to be WISE and know that we must also protect ourselves in the process. In the end, it depends on WHY the friendship ended.

Love your posts by the way =) You make me think although I have to admit at 1:43 am I don't know how clear my thinking process is LOL