Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Deal Maker (or breaker)

Have you ever wondered how your actions affect other people?  Could your attitude towards someone be the maker or breaker of that person's day?  I'll be honest, I never gave this much thought until recently.  I woke up one morning feeling terrible, everything bothered me...I mean everything!  Even my coffee had a bitter taste.  I carried this "bitter" attitude with me everywhere that day and guess what...everyone I came into contact with seemed "bitter" too. This just added fuel to my fire and made me feel even worse.  Later that day after quenching my mental and physical exhaustion with one (ok maybe 2) glasses of wine...I had an epiphany. Were all those people really being nasty?  Could everyone feel as lousy as I did that day? Impossible!  It was me!  I was making it happen!  What I encountered that day was a reflection of what I felt.  Attitude adjustment was needed on my part. I decided I wanted to see what I project to others and what I want to see is a smile.  Did I make a complete turnaround you ask?  The answer is no but I do turn around and check my attitude before I walk out the door and I definitely look in the mirror and make sure I'm wearing a smile.


Anonymous said...

Great Post Lydia. The Laws of Attraction (LOA) really plays a role in this universe. I swear by it now. What we put out there is what we get back.

Adriana said...

ditto. I noticed that recently. I too will check myself before I face the world and make sure I am wearing a smile!